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Business leader in infography design, my creative inspiration comes mostly from the world of fashion and its trends : styles, cuts, colors or games of materials. But with over 15 years of experience I have seen that collections scroll and look alike without ever bringing real innovations. So I decided to use my artistic fiber and my love for fashion by developing an innovative concept that will enhance the woman and allow her to choose her style according to her moods.

By creating AvolioDesign, I had the will to play with codes to shake up the order of things, as were the mini-skirt and décolleté. It is by revisiting a timeless basic: the jeans, that my brand innovates by adding an avant-garde touch with its fishnet pocket that lets guess a part of the lingerie. Audacity and femininity, sensuality and emancipation, AvolioDesign wants to be a feminist committed brand that knows that the woman, whatever its silhouette, has in itself an extraordinary beauty. Our jeans suggest without revealing and let the woman decide what she wants to show: part of her lingerie, a tattoo, a brand, a fragment (or strand) of skin ... She can also match her underwear to her top , his scarf or his bag.

My goal was to launch a brand that is part of a modern and committed lifestyle, where women do not wait for the consent of others to look and feel beautiful. Mix of discretion and suggestion, our denim reveals the one you want to be. French design and made in Portugal, the cut of our jeans is slim and highlights the silhouette by slightly shaping your legs. The mesh pocket is extremely resistant thanks to its interlaced nylon fibers. Revisited denim with avant-garde design, for a glamorous, innovative and timeless line.